• Client


  • Timescale

    More than 1 year

  • Value

    $5 Million - $10 Million

Former Industrial Facilty

Mix of demolition, abatement and remediation on this 160 + acre site

NewRoads Environmental, Boston Environmental, and JDC Demolition all worked together on the remediation, abatement, and demolition on this 1.3 million square foot facility located on a 160 + acre site in North Haven, Connecticut.

Boston Environmental Corp. handled remediation of the site. NewRoads Environmental completed abatement of all asbestos-containing materials, including over three miles of pipe insulation, four four-story boilers, and PCB- contaminated wood block floor and mastic.

JDC Demolition Inc. performed the demolition of 20 structures on the site, including a production facility, a two story 400,000 square foot concrete office structure, 12 out buildings and a facility-owned power plant with several large above ground storage tanks.

The project generated over 10,000 tons of demolition debris and over 6,000 tons of metal salvage material.

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